White Star was founded in 1984. In just a few years, it became one of the most renowned publishing houses in illustrated books on both the national and global scales. Today it boasts a catalogue of over 800 titles for both children and adults. Books are published in a variety of languages and distributed directly in six countries (Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States & Canada). Currently, White Star works in the English market market under the brand White Star Publishers, in the French one under Editions White Star and in the German world under the brand-name White Star Verlag. In the United States & Canada it works with Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. for its distribution in book and specialty shops.

The published themes range from photography, nature, travel, fashion, vehicles and motoring to art and architecture, music and cinema, cooking, parenting and gift books. In the children’s sector, White Star has a vast catalogue of various publications suitable for each taste and age range. There are non-fiction and educational titles, with play and activity boxes, but also literary classics for children, illustrated by some of the most renowned and appreciated international illustrators. Its most important partners include the National Geographic Society, with which White Star signed an exclusive agreement in 2001. White Star thus became the Italian publishing house for illustrated books (for both children and adults) and guidebooks signed by this prestigious American institution.